How to Make Money With a Smile


The dream, really, is to find a way to make money without lifting a finger. No more slogging through a regular 9-5 nightmare and no more overbearing, micro-managing boss breathing down your neck.

Imagine quitting your job tomorrow. How would that make you feel? Empowered? Excited? Positively over-the-moon thrilled?

Now imagine doing it for real.

Most people would be terrified by the prospect of leaving their job. It’s normal. Whether it’s a matter of security, being assured a steady paycheck or even the prestige attached to a particular company or job description – the thought of not going into work is scary. The question of how to make money without slaving away for corporate America, however, is always on the back of a worker bee’s mind.

How to Make Money: Become an Entrepreneur

As attractive as the image of basking in the sun, doing absolutely nothing and still earning money is – some people just aren’t built that way. If you’re one of those blessed few who actually enjoy working but simply hate being under a management microscope while doing it then maybe becoming an entrepreneur is the best option for making money when you’re out of a job or want to get out of a job.

How to make money as an entrepreneur is a question that has plagued many a would-be small business person. It’s not enough to have a creative, original idea – building a great team (or if you’re doing it alone, a great system) is paramount to your success as an entrepreneur.

As an entrepreneur, all success and failure for your venture rests on your shoulders. It’s a lot of responsibility – and probably the reason behind why your boss was such a cranky kill-joy ninety percent of the time. However, if you’ve got the moxie to face success and possible failure head-on, then entrepreneurship is a great way to get control of your life and career!

The exiting part of entreprenuerialism is freedom to choose a direction that fits your personality and skill set, rather than fitting into a one-size-fits-all position. Whether you lease an espresso stand and sell premimum coffee drinks, buy an embroidery machine and make custom shirts, or just turn your crafting hobby into an online business, the possibilities are as wide open as your imagination.

Becoming an entrepreneur also means that there is a huge chance that you’ll end up doing and being successful at something you love. What better incentive is there to make money with a smile on your face?

How to Make Money: Create a Source of Passive Income

Now comes the reality check – you hate your job but you really can’t imagine anything else that you would rather be doing that would actually make you money. If you choose to take a personal day tomorrow, how would you put food on the table? Or pay your bills?

Thankfully, there are other ways to make money without becoming an entrepreneur. How to make money without actually lifting a finger (figuratively speaking) is a reality in life that a lucky few actually get to live.

Passive income is your way to get out of the corporate death crawl without sacrificing creature comforts. Basically, passive income is all about making money that you don’t actually have to work (hard) for.

Of course, every silver lining has its catch – earning passive income means that you’ll need to have worked your tail off beforehand and amassed enough capital to actually make living free & easy a viable possibility.

So whether you’re in it to make money the regular way – with hard work and a lot of long nights before enjoying the pay-off or if you’re willing to slave away at a 9-5 and get by on PB&J until you get to a point where passive income becomes a reality… how to make money with a smile is something that is within your grasp today!

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